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In the kitchen, I sit alone and stir my noodles
In the kitchen, staring out with crossed legs
I look into a known future I should share with you
But my food has gotten cold
As I grow old

Food for fuel or, boredom's way to stall nostalgia
In the kitchen, eat to laugh to cry it
Passes time and memorizes life and seasons
Mix 4 into 1
I'm cooked and done


In the kitchen, my heart poured out upon the table
In the kitchen, its food for thought in your eyes
Too much trust left stinging teardrops sizzling on the pan
From haste not heed
And one bad deed

In the kitchen we used to look into each other
In the kitchen its cold now with just one chair
My hope distills a bitterness that pangs beneath a smile
And all from one
True love undone


Shikanosan - First Try


Lyrics and Music copyright 2007 by Corey Harvin

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